End-to-End Service of Design, Build, Install and Ongoing Maintenance


The Fibre Integrated Reception System (FIRS) has been designed to offer Satellite TV Services, Digital Terrestrial TV and Digital Audio Broadcast Radio (DAB), from a single location (headend) to individual homes, via a fibre optic network. Fibre TV To Home, an experienced installer of FIRS, offers a service from initial design, to installation, commissioning and maintenance of Fibre Integrated reception systems.

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Fibre TV To Home Ltd is happy to have a no obligation discussion to see if we can offer a solution to deliver your TV service requirements. For the FIRS we can offer helpful advice and an end to end service of design, build, install and ongoing maintenance, if required. Each system can be tailored to your individual needs, along with options for in home distribution to maximise the advantages of a FIRS, and give your potential customers a future proofed TV distribution system.

Services Overview


We can design a FIRS to meet your requirements, whether it is to serve 10 homes or 10,000 homes. We can also advise on the specification for the "in home" TV distribution system.


All FIRS headends are built and tested before being installed on site. This improves reliability and reduces the installation time.


We offer a complete installation service, from the headend, to the "in home" distribution equipment.


We also can offer a headend maintenance package to suit your needs, with a service level agreement.