Systems Overview

With many new homes having a Fibre data connection to the home, there is also the ability to deliver all your TV services over a fibre network. A FIRS can deliver TV services (Satellite and Terrestrial TV as well as DAB radio) to over 10,000 homes from a single dish and aerial. For the developer this means no unsightly dishes or aerials during the selling and marketing of the properties.

A Fibre IRS is all about choice for the home owner, all the services you would expect to get free of charge are available, along with the option, at an additional charge, of Sky pay TV.

Available Services:

It is also flexible enough to allow the home owner to connect as many Set top boxes, or TV's as they wish, without the expense of maintaining a dish or aerial and they are always guaranteed top quality signals in to the home.

System Diagram

  1. The dish and antennas collect the TV signals and are connected to the Headend
  2. The satellite and terrestrial signals are then filtered, equalised and combined before being converted from an electrical to an optical output
  3. A passive optical network (PON) of cable and splitters connects the optical fibre, from the headend to each home
  4. Each home has an optical to electrical converter (GTU) to change the signal back from light to electrical
  5. The Gateway Termination Unit (GTU) output can be connected directly to a satellite (Sky, or FreeSat), or terrestrial (Freeview) set top box, or directly in to a digital ready TV